Brief Introduction Of Taipei Agricultural Chemicals Association


Taipei Agricultural Chemicals Association (TACA)

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The establishment of Taipei Agricultural ChemicalsAssociation (TACA) is derived from Taipei Agrochem Association (TAA) and Taipei Fertilizer Association(TFA).

For the aims of further developing the Agrochemicals and Fertilizers in Taiwan and strengthening the functions for granting better benefits to the members, the Taipei

City Government decided to merge the TAA and the TFA into the TACA which is following up the official order promulgated by Ministry of interior on October 30,1990.

It took 6 months to proceed the preparatory measures. The TACA was formally

set up on May 10, 1991. Mr.Y.Y.Tsai was elected the chairman for the first term

and Mr. Robert C.C.Tsai was the current Chairman for the sixth term (2006 ~ 2009).

From May 01,2002 on, the name of our association in Chinese was changed to

Taipei Plant Protection Association


The TACA is a traders' association consisting of 146 members who run the business of Agrochemicals and Fertilizers in Taipei . The membership is split into two segments as follows ;

( a ) Traders : ( T ) - 116 members

( b ) Retailers : ( R ) - 22 members

The branch offices and the agents of some international leading pesticides and fertilizers suppliers in Taiwan are belonging to our members. It is estimated that about 70 % of the Agrochemicals and 15 % of the fertilizers applied in Taiwan was supplied through our members in this market.



  Secretariat :In charge of TACA's outdoor and indoor activities by following the directions of the Chairman and offer the prompt service for our members.

  Agrochemical special committee (ASC) : Dealing with the technical and legal cases in Agrochemical field. Any resolutions are required to submit to the board of directors for final approval.

Fertilizer special committee (FSC) : To deal with the matters in Fertilizer

Field and plays the same role as the ASC.



Due to the movements of environmental protection are raising, the government has a tendency to encourage our members ( Traders ) to import more finished pesticides products instead of local formulated pesticides and finished fertilizers as well. We believe, this will lead to a result of more finished products to be imported year by year. Since Taiwan had got entry of WTO in 2002, It is said that under WTO's commitment, Taiwan will open the door to allow the finished Pesticides of Mainland China to be imported into this Market by or in 2008. We are convinced that the TACA will play an important role in the supply of Pesticides and Fertilizers to Taiwan market.

Updated on July 07,2006.